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Punjab Convent School, Goharwal, Amritsar, is one of the best schools in Amritsar located at Tarn Taran road, ranked at the topmost position. We have a well-equipped infrastructure and we provide every facility up to the utmost excellence in the field of education. We are known for having high moral values, 'Goodness before Greatness', being our motto. We reflect our esteem in our disciple, ethics and academic propagation. With a suitably planned study structure we facilitate efficient and effective learning. Punjab Convent School (PCS) is at Tarn Taran Road, Goharwal, Amritsar - Punjab. Our staff has a long list of qualified teachers and faculty members.

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The School has proven itself as the best platform for every child to learn and develop better and faster and is considered as the best school. Ample opportunities are provided to the students to enhance qualities like leadership, confidence, teamwork, cooperation and compassion . Every child is encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities to develop skills and qualities that will lead to making them a balanced human being.

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